Prestige represents the spacious-type water filter jug with soft lines and a universal look. The replacement filter irreversibly reduces harmful substances such as organic compounds, iron, lead, chlorine and removes sediment and odor.

Capacious and convenient, with its moderate colors, Prestige jug is easy to fill using a slider lid. This feature will be convenient in case the space under the tap is limited. All parts of the product are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.

Lid style
Pitcher Capacity
1.5 L (6 cups)
Filter life
350 L

Technical specification

Filter Capacity: 1.3 L (5 cups) of filtered water
Funnel Volume: 1.3 L (5 cups) per funnel
Lid style: Slider
Replacement cartridge: B5 (B100-5) (Buy on Promarket-eu)
Compatible cartridge: В6 (В100-6) (Buy on Promarket-eu), A5 Replacement Water Filter (Buy on (,,, or Promarket), Aquaphor A5 filtro cartucce di ricambio per brocche filtranti (set di 4 pezzi) (Buy on (,,, or Promarket), A5 Mg (Buy on (,,, or Promarket), Aquphor B100-5 (B5) filter cartridge (Buy on Promarket-eu), 6x Aquphor B100-5 (B5) filter cartridge (Economy pack – set of 6) (Buy on (,,, or Promarket)
Filter life: 300 L (79 gallons)
Replace: at least every three months
Filter life indicator: mechanical


Location - Rome
P.IVA - IT 14990851009

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