Provence A5Mg

Aquaphor Provence is an elegant and easy means of getting clean and odorless drinking water. Equipped with an easy-fill flip-top lid and a filter life counter. Includes one Aquaphor A5Mg replacement filter, which reduces chlorine, rust, lead and other contaminants found in tap water.

More filtration media combined with a pre-filter on top give A5Mg a longer lifespan in turbid water. A5Mg also enriches water with magnesium for your health benefits and better taste.

Lid style
Pitcher Capacity
2.1 L (8 cups)
Filter life
350 L

Technical specification

Filter Capacity: 2.15 L (8 cups) of filtered water
Funnel Volume: 1.2 L (5 cups) per funnel
Filtration rate: 3 -10 min per funnel
Lid style: Flip-top
Replacement cartridge: A5 Mg (Buy on Promarket) or (
Compatible cartridge: A5 Replacement Water Filter (Buy on Promarket) or (, Aquaphor A5 filtro cartucce di ricambio per brocche filtranti (set di 4 pezzi) (Buy on Promarket) or (, B5 (B100-5) (Buy on Promarket), В6 (В100-6) (Buy on Promarket), Aquphor B100-5 (B5) filter cartridge (Buy on Promarket), 6x Aquphor B100-5 (B5) filter cartridge (Economy pack – set of 6) (Buy on Promarket) or (
Filter life: 350 L (92 gallons)
Replace: every 2 months
Filter life indicator: mechanical

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